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Kratoextractum is a information portal where you will be able to know about the new Kratom Extracts that are used for healing and other purposes. Here you can learn about four main Kratom plants and how they are extracted. The effects are similar to general Kratom powder, however one cannot find a pleasant without using it.

Types of Kratom Extracts

Maeng Da

Most widely used by the people in the southern region. The effects are sustainable and most pleasurable. Also, the strength of this Kratom will keep you more energetic and motivated.


For the people who struggle from pain and fatigue, can take Bali Kratom. It will help you in relieving from the health issues. It can also be used for boosting.


Works mainly for focus and increases creativity to the consumer. The effects are notable and varied with veins.


Fluctuates between providers, however, is regularly additionally stimulates with little euphoria.

Herbs are used by mankind for ages since they possess high medicinal values when compared with chemical drugs. These herbs do not give any side effects and it is true. Sometimes, overdosage of these herbs results in deformation of its purpose. This is the time when the herb comes under the hammer. When compared to the normal medicines they tend to produce more disadvantages rather than the advantages.

One such medicinal drug is named as Kratom and it is widely used in the field of medicines since ages. When it comes to Kratom it is available in powder form and extract form. The extract form is the most liked one because of its potency and alkaloid levels. Kratom has been making the headlines for a while and it is used as a recreational drug and medicinal substance.

So here you can find so many facts about Kratom, its use, how it is produced and all these combined in a nutshell.

What exactly is Kratom and its Properties?

kratom-powder-kratoextracumKratom Leaves are widely found in the tropical evergreen forest of Southeast Asia. Mitragyna Speciosa is the botanical name of the Kratom and it comes under the species of coffee and Cinchona. Kratom is finally processed into powders, prescription drugs, and extracts.

When Kratom is consumed in smaller levels, it is something that is really a stimulant. On the other hand, if it is consumed in a larger quantity, it produces effects which are similar to opium. The leaves of Kratom has about 25 components. It is found that the reason why Kratom produces such an effect is due to the presence of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

The Mitragynine is a psychoactive alkaloid, which in turn interacts with the human brain which produces similar effects to other alkaloids like nicotine, morphine, and quinine. It plays with the brain by simulating it to produce effects which are similar to opioids.

On the other hand, the presence of 7-hydroxymitragynine acts like a pain-killer. If this is taken in prescribed levels it tends to reduce stress to a larger level.

It is indigenous and found in various parts like Thailand, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia. These are the places where the Kratom is used for medicinal purposes since the 19th century.

The traditional way to consume Kratom was done by chewing it and it was done in the Southern part of America. They believed it has reduced the feeling of fatigue and has also boosted their productivity to a greater extent. It also contains anesthesia and found to be healing minor wounds. It is also used to recover people from Opium addiction and all these were believed to be happening since the 19th century.

Off late, the Kratom is widely popular as it is used as a recreational drug. For Example, Kratom is available in the cocktail format in Thailand and it is called as 4×100. The mixture of the cocktail consists of Cough syrup, Coco-Cola, and ice. When it gained such popularity in the market, people in that locality started to see it as a problem.

Since Kratom is used for both recreational activities and medicinal purposes outside Asia and found to be sold in some smart shops of Netherlands till 2015. Currently, Kratom is termed as an illegal drug and the Drug Enforcement Agency has termed the Kratom as schedule 1 drug and left a caption stating that it is an imminent hazard to the safety of the public. They also stated that the drug does not contain any medicinal quality of its own. The cultivation and handling of Kratom have become illegal in Thailand and Malaysia which is similar to other countries.

Due to the after-effects of the usage of Kratom, it has gained a large amount of popularity within the public. It tends to solve and act as a medicine for issues like itching, vomiting, nausea, urinary infection, and loss of weight. When consumed at moderate to higher levels, it can cure hypotension, sweat issues, dizziness and tachycardia issues. The end results of Kratom on a positive note is very higher when compared to drugs which are produced chemically. Tremors and weight loss is also reported by the regular user of Kratom. On a negative note, the US has submitted a report as there is a death toll of 15 peoples between the years 2014 and 2016.

What exactly are Kratom extracts and how it is produced?

kratom extracts

It is one of the powerful forms of Kratom and is due to the high potency levels of the end product. Initially, the Kratom leaves are crushed heavily and the process is done for a prolonged period of time. It is then mixed with ethanol and heated to an extent. This process generally happens in a large pot or a kiln. After it is boiled to an extent, the main components are extracted from Kratom by drying it out. In general, a strainer is used and it can filter the residues perfectly. The mixture is again boiled to a point where the Kratom is dried to a concentrated level. The by-product of the process is the Kratom powder. It is then treated with a liquid and dried again.

Finally, a highly potent Kratom is extracted from the refined process. All these steps are done in a precise manner to ensure that the end product is with such concentration. After this, it can be consumed in smaller levels and hence it serves its purposes. In such a way Kratom Extract has been obtained. It is usually produced and processed by highly skilled experts who are trained to an extent where mistakes don’t happen at any cost. They also perform some tests on the products and hence they test the key ingredients of the product. They ensure that the Kratom extracted from the product is better than the Kratom leaves.

How it is generally consumed?

There is no certain way to consume Kratom and it is done by various methods according to the wish of an individual. There are tons of videos that are available online to know how to use the Kratom extract. It is always recommended to consume Kratom in smaller dosages if you are a beginner. Sit down with your pals and plan how to take this into your body. The experience that you get out of consuming the Kratom will definitely be interesting and may look funny.

How is the quality of the Kratom Extract is determined by the experts?

The quality is commonly graded by a numeric digit followed by the alphabet X. For example, It is denoted as 3x, 6x, 8x and etc. In general, the ratings are misunderstood by the people and to clarify you on this note, there is an example below.

Many think that if the Kratom extract is rated as 13X which means that the potency level of the extract is 13 times more than the actual value, but, over here that is not the case and the scene is different from what you think.

In reality, the grading is actually calculated on the basis on the grams of Kratom leaves used per gram of the concentrate. This is how it goes and hence the concentration is based on this note. So if the quality of Kratom is mentioned as 19X it means, 19 grams of Kratom leaf is used to produce one gram on concentrated extract.

Even if there are many misconceptions in the market for Kratom quality, the method mentioned above is the correct method to understand the quality. It is high time to educate people about the facts and information that you know about the herb.

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