Borneo Kratom Extract

Borneo Kratom Extract

“Every staggering thing comes with its own mysteries…Today lets run down some facts about the one among the coffee family… Yes, you heard it right!!!”

Borneo kratom – A short intro

This new word may look like something derived from alien language but actually, it is one of one of the oldest words used to describe a tree/plant with some unique qualities. Borneo is the third largest island in the world and hence this plant got its name.

The thing that makes this plant so unique is its sedating and pain-relieving effects. There are many varieties of Borneo but the red vein Borneo kratom stands out from the rest because of its healing effects.

Usually, people mistook this as another type of marijuana but actually have more medicinal effects than marijuana and that’s why it is even available online for sales legally.

Benefits of Borneo Kratom Extract?

As said Borneo Kratom Extract has some good sedating effects when used properly along with some stimulating effects. Let’s break down things a little bit.

An anti-anxiety agent -The alkaloid profile found in it makes this as a very good treatment for the people dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress. It promotes the feeling of euphoria and being joyous when carrying out various activities.

Also, this helps in improving memory as it constantly stimulates the central nervous system.

A Soporific drug -With all the goodness of being a good mood enhancer, it also helps in regulating sleep hormone in people suffering from insomnia. It tends to create a soothing effect that alters the brain signals to release melatonin.

A Mood Enhancer -Apart from curing anxiety it acts as a mood enhancer that gives a calm and pleasurable effect. This is achieved because Borneo kratom positively reacts with dopamine and this reaction improvises the work of dopamine in our body.

Uniqueness in Borneo kratom?

We’ve briefly seen the benefits that Borneo Kratom Extract provides but those benefits also suits to another Kratom Extract out there. So here is the list of therapeutic benefits that Borneo

kratom provides:

  1. Relief against chronic pain
  2. Cures hypertension and depression
  3. Provides pleasuring and euphoric effects.
  4. Helps in providing permanent cure to fibromyalgia and scoliosis
  5. Furnish energy levels.

The extraction process of Borneo Kratom?

The extraction process is simple but many companies like phytoextracted follow a handful of tests after extraction to make sure that it meets all the conditions set by their governments.

leaves along with ethanol for a long period of time to evaporate as much of water from the leaves. This leaves behind a thick residual paste rich in mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine which forms the active compound of Borneo Kratom Extracts. The ethanol is then separated using a strainer and the aqueous form is obtained at last.

The kratom extracts are always stronger than the powdered ones, after the extraction, these are labeled according to their concentration. The grading starts with 1x,3x,5x,10x,50x etc all the grades are based on the number of mitragynine compounds present in it.


This is the long story short of Borneo kratom a euphoric drug with a good number of unique qualities. Don’t get carried away by all these facts as this is not the “heart-shaped herb” showcased in black panther. Borneo kratom is another plant with some great medicinal benefits that are still remaining under the shadows.