How to use Kratom Extracts

how to use Kratom

After hearing all those benefits that the kratom offers are pretty much sure that those words would already start kindling your mind to try it. Yes, of course, one can give a shot but before doing that just follow some advisory as everyone have their own “hit place” to begin with. Straight away there is no specific procedures and methodologies to consume kratom extracts but I’ve listed out some of the common ways that people used to consume those extracts

Note:The dosage amount while varying person to person as not everyone is the same. I’ll recommend doing this as a trial and error method so that one will get to know the dosage that suites.

Start with a very less amount and then increase the dosage I don’t want to put everyone down by giving some lengthy instructions, just find the sweet-spot anyway the whole process gonna be a lot of fun

Different workarounds to consume kratom:

Unlike marijuana, kratom is rather ingested than being smoked. With this said let’s discuss various ways we could take Kratom extracts:

Toss n’ wash: This is the simplest out of all as in this method the person just have to take the extract either in a spoon or glass and then toss it in the mouth. Sounds simple right, but here’s the catch while doing this one just be very cautious in the dosage amount so as to avoid the feeling of a headache and dizziness. These are the effects of consuming high dosage in a single intake

Kratom Tea: Don’t get me wrong, this is just a term which I used to describe this method in short.As the name suggests just mix some amount of Kratom extract into the everyday tea. This is arguably the next easiest method that one can consume the extract. By doing this one will never put-off by the taste of the extract as the rich aroma of the tea makes for it. This process is a little bit time consuming but it is worth the wait.

Kratom Yogurt Dessert: This sounds a little awkward right, but then this is one of the popular practices when it comes to the consumption of kratom and people tend to like this process as this doesn’t stop them from using the kratom simply due to its taste. Take a pinch of the extract and mix it with a required quantity of yogurt.Viola! the so-called “kratom dessert” is ready to taste. The use of yogurt is to ensure that the taste of kratom is overwhelmed by the taste of yogurt to give a pleasant experience

Kratom protein shake: I know am going nuts with naming the kratom things, I’ll end with this one. Anyone using protein powder as their part of diet could easily understand it. Adding kratom extract to the protein shake can have some magical effects that all the previous method we’ve discussed. This is mainly because the protein powder itself has own stimulating agents and along with the kratom extract, things gets better.

As Capsules and Extracts: Last but not least for all those capsule or extract lovers out there, Kratom extracts also retails as capsules with specific dosages along with various other enzymatic components just to enhance the effect. This is also a good way of consuming the extracts but again one should be aware of the dosage that he/she is consuming.So this wraps up the various ways that one can incorporate into the consumption of kratom extracts. Now time to discuss the dosage patterns.

Dosing Kratom Extract:

So far we’ve seen the various techniques that one can adopt in consuming the extracts and I’ve said before that one should find the “hit place” that works for them. Let’s take a brief look into the dosage amounts of the extracts.

As said it is usually good to start with small quantities of the extracts about 2-3 g and wait for 20minutes approx.If you can’t feel anything just increase a dosage a little bit and again wait for several minutes. Repeat this until the pleasuring or euphoric effect happens.

Any sort of dizziness or a headache is a result of high usage of the extract. If this is the case just abort the session and a good break for the whole day.

Here’s the beginners’ guide for kratom dosage:

This would be a general guide for the ones who just kicking things of…By following this one would find a better way to consume kratom for himself.

It is always recommended to start with an empty stomach if not so have a dose a good 3-4 hours after the meal. This will ensure one to calibrate the dosage amount that he/she should take on a regular basis.Consume 2-3gms in empty stomach and the euphoric feeling kicks in after 20mins or so.

Assets the feeling 30-40 minutes after the consumption of the extract. If the feel is not strong try to increase the dosage to 0.5-1gms and again repeat the cycle.

After doing a bit of trial one can finally find the so-called “hit place” going by the terms this is called the euphoric feeling. From here just wait as things blow off for the next 4-5 hours.

Repeat the dosage after 4-5 hours if you feel like you want more. Generally 4-5gms a day is a good amount for the beginners to start with (for people under 70kgs reduce the consumption by 1.5 gm to avoid overdose)

Some more tips to grasp:

Remember this plant belongs to the coffee family as we know that caffeine will easily dehydrate a person. So it’s better to always keep in mind to recharge your hydration levels.

As said previously start with an empty stomach so that one will have a clear data about the dosage .Always try to keep track of all the records(includes the method, dosage levels)for later retrieval.


To quickly end things up this brief data about the kratom dosage might help everyone to attain everyone’s hit place. To get all those best of the extracts tries to stick with all the notes, tips mentioned above. This little article is a conclusion of the idea behind everyone who used kratom extracts before so this would give a clear view for everyone who just starting things of.

Anyone not getting the desired results just breaks the limit a little bit and if you feel this is a bit overdo just stop right there. As I said things here go by the way of trial and error so at last patience and perseverance matters.