Kratom dosage for losing weight

Obesity has become a serious matter of concern due to the effects it tends to bring upon, in the long run. The current lifestyle has made havoc of people’s lives bringing various complications. Obesity is one such complication that threatens the very survival of life. Obesity must not be something new to you since every one of us is prone to get obese without proper care on what we eat. Obesity is usually understood to be a resultant condition of over-eating. It is indeed, but it also combines other factors leading to this grave condition.

The awareness for Obesity is widespread now with many people taking up exercise and giving up on junk foods. Obesity catches you unaware and slowly grows on you leading to complications related to heart, blood pressure, and sugar. Obesity is considered to be one of the causes of Stress and depression. Since we live in a world that judges people with their outer appearance, obesity creates damage of high degree both on the physical and the mental front.

Causes of Obesity 

Obesity is usually caused by the practice of over-eating. The feel of fullness slowly diminishes in people’s mind leading to excessive eating. While this is one of the main reasons, other factors include genes. Yes, obesity can be hereditary with about 25% chances if any of the parents are obese. The high amount of fat in a particular part of the body can also be hereditary. Another main factor is the difference in metabolism. Each person’s body experiences a particular metabolic activity which might also influence weight gain.

The health effects of Obesity can be very deadly, even threatening life at the time. Some of them are :

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart-related diseases
  • Metabolic effects
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancer
  • Psychological effects – Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
  • Respiratory problems

How does Kratom work for Obesity?

Usually, obesity is treated with routines of exercise and a well-planned diet chart to reduce weight. However, in cases of severe obesity, certain drugs are preferred that can treat obesity in an effective manner. Once such natural drug that is very effective is Kratom Extract, obtained from the crushed and powdered leaves of Kratom tree. The active alkaloids present in Kratom leaves impart a variety of therapeutic and recreational properties including weight loss.

Kratom works well with obese patients, directly or indirectly facilitating weight loss in most cases. There are various opioid receptors in our brain which are responsible for the reactions leading to pain, mood and much more. The alkaloids in Kratom bind with these proteins and help in the inhibition of gastrointestinal lipase by absorbing extra fats.

Kratom makes this possible in two main ways. One way is through the suppression of appetite. Kratom controls the desire for appetite, which in turn prevents over-eating. Once excessive eating is stopped, weight management automatically falls in place leading to weight loss. To put in a simple way, you don’t feel hungry. The other way is through the reduction of craving. We live in a world that has become completely addicted to fast food and junk food. This is a major contributor to obesity. Kratom Extract helps in blocking the pathway of the brain that shows carvings towards these addictive foods. Hence, this method leads to weight loss gradually. The indirect methods include the ones where Kratom helps in fighting stress due to obesity. Also, many users have reported great effects on the consumption of Kratom in empty stomach.

Use of Kratom for Weight Loss 

A few factors play a vital role when it comes to the effectiveness of Kratom with weight loss. The main factors include the right strain and dosage.

Choosing the right strain for weight loss is important as other Kratom strains could lead to adverse effects. Based on user reviews and research, the most common strains administered for weight loss is Thai, Maeng Da, and White Kratom strains. Thai strain is considered to be very powerful in this regard due to its stimulating quality. White Kratom strain can cause the suppression of appetite without the release of energy.

The dosage of Kratom for Weight Loss 

Dosage is one of the important factors influencing weight loss. Dosage can actually differ from person to person and it is quite subjective. Hence, you will have to experience the effects yourself to explore the dosage that suits your body better for weight loss. However, the dosage is categorized from high to low where moderate is the preferred standard range.

Low – 1 to 2 grams

Moderate – 2 to 5 grams

High – 5 to 7 grams

It is highly recommended that you start with a low dosage if you are a new Kratom user or if you are using a particular strain for the first time. That way, you can amplify your dosage in small steps to avoid any negative effects. This point should be of prime focus since high doses can lead to unfavorable consequences.

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