kratom extract tincture

What is Kratom Extract Tincture and How to make it?

The growing popularity of Kratom in the West has led to the rush of online sellers into the market. This, in turn, has prompted the manufacturers to come up with different forms of Kratom to make it comfortable for Kratom users. Kratom is already available in the form of powder, capsules, resin, gum, and extracts. Kratom tincture is a new product that is getting raved by Kratom users for its increased concentration at low doses and also for its effectiveness to last longer.

Kratom tincture is available in the market and users are ready to buy them. But there is one problem with the Kratom tincture. The expensive rates stand as a barrier between Kratom tincture and Kratom users. Hence, we thought we could come up with our own recipe to prepare Kratom tincture. The process of preparing Kratom tincture is an easy process if you obtain all the ingredients and follow the steps carefully during preparation. The process is simple only if you follow the procedure correctly.

The Ingredients needed :

For the proper preparation of Kratom tincture, it is important that you have all these ingredients. If not, please make sure you have all these before you proceed with the process.

  • Glycerin – Helps with the stabilization of tincture by decreasing the rate of evaporation
  • Cups- Measuring cups used for weighing the raw materials accurately.
  • Bottles – Amber colored storage bottles are needed for the consequent protection of tincture from sunlight.
  • A high-grade strainer – to filter the raw materials from the liquid.
  • Citric acid or Lemon juice to preserve the tincture
  • Ethanol
  • Bottles that resist heat.


The most important step is to choose the right strain of Kratom before you go about with the process of the preparation of Kratom tincture. So get to know about the effects of the strain that you are going to use for your tincture.

You will then have to weight the raw materials, leaves and also the alcohol. If not leaves, you can also proceed with Kratom powder but make sure you stay on course with the quantity. You can take up to 6 ounces of Kratom powder and for every four ounces, you will have to add 1 liter of water.

This amount ratio is suggested to work well.

For four ounces of Kratom powder, add 473 ml of alcohol, which amounts to 40%

For seven ounces of dried Kratom leaves, you will have to add 1 liter of alcohol, which also amounts to 40%

Proceeding to the next step, you will have to mix the leaves with alcohol and then stir it well by covering it for some time in a glass container and then add citric acid to it. Now check the pH with a pH paper to see if the pH has dropped to 4.

Now heat the glass container on a water bath and heat the water again after an hour.

You will then have to use a sieve to strain the Kratom from the tincture until it gets evaporated. The alcohol must get evaporated with only 50% of it remains out of the original content.

Make a note of the weight of the tincture and you can calculate the potency by dividing the initial volume with the resultant product size.

Now comes the storage part. You will have to pour it into an amber glass jar and store it in a cool, dry place. Label the date of preparation for your reference and your tincture usually stays in the best condition up to one year.

Kratom extract tincture Vs Kratom Powder

It is a known fact that Kratom extract tinctures have a higher concentration than the powder and is also effective than the latter. Some important points that put the tincture ahead of powder are

  • Easy to consume
  • No time will be wasted for preparation
  • Goes well with tea and other beverages
  • Effects kick in very quickly
  • High Potent levels
  • Fewer side effects

How to consume Kratom extract tincture?

The best way out there to consume Kratom extract tincture is through the use of a dropper. A dropper is available in the market very easily. So you will have to take the tincture jar and then squeeze the dropper till it gets filled up to three-fourths of the dropper. Then squeeze the content under your tongue but wait, don’t swallow it in a hurry. You will have to wait until it gets absorbed since it is the faster mode of absorption into the bloodstream. You can limit the dosage to 1 or 2 droppers.

These easy steps can help you save money and you can even enjoy this process of preparation. But one thing that you need to be very careful is about the tolerance levels of the tincture. You are prone to have immediate tolerance for it, which might lead you to increase the dosage. Hence, it is advised that you take regular breaks from tincture and just include this as a part of your Kratom routine. By this way, you will not become dependent on it and also you can mix it with tea or other beverages to get rid of the bitter taste.

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