How to make Kratom Extract tastes better?

How to make Kratom Extract tastes better?

Most people today have a perception that Kratom is a new plant drug discovered after the 21st century. And some feel that Kratom Extract was maintained as a secret through the ages. Well, let’s break the myth here. Kratom Extract was neither a secret nor a drug of the 21st century. To understand things in a deep way, it is important to know that Kratom is a plant whose origin can be traced back to the Southeast Asian countries. Kratom still grows only in these regions due to favorable factors such as soil, landscape, climate and harvesting techniques. Kratom Extract is derived from the leaves of the plant with some alkaloids and it has been in practice for more than a century by the natives of these countries. Derived from the leaves of the tree, Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom Extract has been used by the farmer’s hundreds of years ago for energy during their fieldwork. However, history also says that natives settled for Kratom Extract when other opium drugs weren’t affordable.

Kratom Extract is similar to opium drugs in properties with much difference in its approach. For example, Kratom Extract acts on the delta receptors of the brain through a process by which the alkaloids found in Kratom Extract leaves bind with the opioid receptors to bring about pain relief and also aid in mood elevation. The strong analgesic effects of Kratom Extract have brought huge reception for the medicinal herb in the West, coupled with its potent nature to treat chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. This, in turn, led to the increase of online sellers, extending their presence in huge numbers.

With great demands for Kratom Extract, the manufacturers came up with different forms of Kratom Extract such as Kratom Extract capsules, powder, pills, resins, gum and extracts. With so many positive attributes of Kratom Extract, there is one area where Kratom Extract can give a tough time to all its users. Yes, the way Kratom Extract is ingested is still challenging due to its bitter taste. However, people resort to the tossing and washing method when it comes to consumption of Kratom Extract. The tossing and washing method is nothing but the means of tossing some Kratom Extract powder into the mouth and then washing it with water immediately before the bitter taste is felt. Though most users are encouraged to use this method, it isn’t going well with the new users. It has led to a situation that many new users decide to quit using Kratom Extract after consuming it for the first time.

So, if you are a user who hates the bitter taste of Kratom Extract, then keep in mind that you have company. The bitter taste has motivated us to search for new strategies to evade the unpleasant experience with Kratom Extract. Hence, to eliminate green faces and discomfort, we have listed out five effective ways to make Kratom Extract taste better out of which at least one of the methods must help you overcome this unpleasantry.

Kratom Extract with Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is known to have a dark, sweet and creamy flavor that works well with Kratom Extract. Chocolate is something that stands as a favorite among both adults and children. Hence Chocolate milk proves to be one of the best ways to eliminate the bitter taste from Kratom Extract. Chocolate milk comprises of cocoa and fatty molecules that work well with Kratom Extract particles to mask off the unpleasant taste.

Even with chocolate milk, most users have confusion as to which type of milk needs to be used. But it doesn’t matter with Kratom Extract. You can either opt for dairy-based milk or the milk derived from almond, cashew or soy. You can also go for the milk powder and mix cocoa powder with it. But no matter what, there is a high probability that you are going to enjoy your chocolate milk laced with Kratom Extract powder.

Kratom Extract with Tea

Most Kratom Extract users prefer the tossing and washing method today due to the time that other methods consume. However, brewing Kratom Extract with tea can be largely advantageous in spite of the time it takes. You can brew Kratom Extract with tea, along with ginger and lemon can help in reducing the bitter taste and also the acidity in Kratom Extract. Advanced users of Kratom Extract also claim that brewing Kratom Extract with tea, ginger, and lemon can have certain benefits like the elimination of stomach discomfort and other issues which might occur during the ingestion of Kratom Extract in the form of powder. You can very well add sugar or honey to make your Kratom Extract tea all the more delicious.

But for the efficient brewing of Kratom Extract tea, you will need a fine tea filter in order to get rid of the floating Kratom Extract particles in your tea. If you don’t have a high-grade filter, then you can also opt for a mesh tea bag that can make your Kratom Extract tea experience all the more wonderful.

Kratom Extract Fruit Juice

Most Kratom Extract users make use of the tossing and washing method with grapefruit juice or orange juice since it masks the bitter taste efficiently than water. Though the natural flavor of Kratom Extract can be disguised by other fruits too, the tangy flavor of grape and orange is much more effective for this purpose. You could even use any other fruit juice for Kratom Extract and if it works better for you than grape and orange, you could very well follow that and also share it with the Kratom Extract community.

Kratom Extract Capsules

Nowadays, most users who can’t resist the bitter taste of Kratom Extract reflect a huge sigh of relief after the inception of Kratom Extract capsules. Yes, capsules can be the most comfortable and cost-effective way to consume Kratom Extract, whilst having a pleasant experience. They can also help you have time. All you have to do is toss the capsule into your mouth and wash it off with water or your favorite drink and you are done.

With many online Kratom Extract sellers in the market today, it is very easy to get your Kratom Extract capsules delivered at your doorstep. Also, going a step ahead, you could buy empty capsules and then fill them with some amount of Kratom Extract powder based on your preference. However, some people may find it a bit tedious to keep filling the pills every single day and hence, you can also go for the capsule machine which might ease the whole process for you.

Kratom Extract Smoothies

Are you a great fan of smoothies? Then, you are in great luck. Yes, Kratom Extract goes well with smoothies. The addition of Kratom Extract powder to your favorite smoothie can keep the bitter taste off guard and also provides you a refreshing taste that can be relished for a long time.

All you have to do is just add few teaspoons of Kratom Extract powder to your smoothie just like how you would add cinnamon powder or any other spicing stuff.  Seems very easy, right? However, you will have to check on the quantity of Kratom Extract powder so that you don’t go beyond the dosage. On exceeding the mark, you are prone to face some serious cases of discomfort and illness. Hence, it is always safe to stay cautious on the amount of powder you use for consumption on a daily basis.

For better results, please note that you will have to take in dark flavors for your smoothies like cacao or chocolate. For the purpose of sweetening, honey or sugar can be added. Your smoothie can also be better if you have a high-grade blender to accomplish the job. However, if you are lacking one, opt for a Vitamix blender that is well suited for this job.


Nature as provided Kratom Extract with a bitter taste that is intolerable by most of the users. Though Kratom Extract imparts very beneficial effects on its users by treating various ailments, the first impression with respect to the taste develops a repulsive nature in most of the new users. Consequently, they even stop using Kratom Extract, in spite of the benefits.

However, if you are someone who is planning to stop using Kratom Extract for its taste, we hope these options might have given you a new insight as to how Kratom Extract could be made to taste better. In case you have other suggestions that could work as well, then you are very much welcome to share it with the Kratom Extract community in an attempt to promote good life and health.

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