Privacy Policy

privacy policyThe privacy policy of the website is constituted to the website authority and the affiliates who have access to the user’s information who uses the website’s services, programs and its products.

If the user has started using the services of the website, he has to agree to provide his personal and banking information. The users who would disagree to give those details cannot have access to the website furthermore.

Collection of the data:

The following information will be asked from the user and only if he agrees consensually he would provide them. There wouldn’t be any provocation from the website’s side.

  • As the users get themselves registered into the website, he would be asked furnish the basic details like name, contact number, address and email id. The information would be collected only if the user agrees to do so. Any information cannot be stolen by the website without the user’s discretion.
  • The other information which would be collected from the user would include his IP Address, Cookies data, Browsing application, and time of reaching out. This would be done by the software automatically and wouldn’t be violated at any times.
  • Other information includes submission of regulatory documents. (It is directed by the provisions of our website’s policy).
  • The privacy policy would be restricted only to the website. It does not apply when the user accidently or consensually clicks the advertisements and reach out those websites. This website does not guarantee anything regarding such advertisements. If even they collect any personal information, it is at the own risk of the customer.
  • The accuracy of the information provided by the user is not generally verified and the website does not own any legal authority over such information. Nevertheless, it is with the customer to provide accurate information to have a good relationship with our website and also to have updated information every now and then regarding the Kratom products.

Reason behind collecting the personal information from the users:

The primary reason behind collecting the data from the users is to provide our services without any abruptions and disturbances. The data collected from the users would be used for the following:

  • To get the identification of the person under the agreement,
  • To lend them extensively specified facilities
  • To maintain good communication with the users regarding the website’s services and paving the way for him to have a communication with us regarding his doubts and queries.
  • To keep increasing efficacy of the site and making the accessibility of the site at ease to the customer.
  • Scheduling the targeted customers instead of disturbing the whole lot of customers who are not interested in particular product.
  • The data which we receive would be used for statistical purposes eventually.

Disclosure of personal information to the third parties:

  • To maintain the regulations for specified services, we would tend to store the personal information of our customers.
  • Every bit of information regarding the customers would be kept confidentially unless the user wants the other way, in case he wishes to show his profile publicly it could be done so.

In the context of Third Parties, the regulations of our website are as follows:

  • The user agrees to lend his credentials to others consensually.
  • In case the user wants to get access of the other sites, his details would be required over there. In that cases the information has to transferred unless than the user’s access to those portals would be limited.
  • The transfer would be as a part of sale or business ad if the obligation stays in the jurisdiction of our policies.
  • We would ensure the information is confidential and secured unless the user had violated any policies of the third party website’s agreement.

Modification of the user’s personal data:

  • The customers can change or update their personal information at any point of time according to their wish.
  • The users can also alter their privacy functions by using the accessible sections in the website.
  • The users can also remove some information from our site’s data if they wish to do.

Our Competence in securing the personal data of the users:

All the necessary steps would be taken from our side to protect the user’s information from any kind of third party’s theft, breach, modification, violation, publishing, transferring, and all sorts of illegal activities that such third parties would conspire to perform. We have sound technical proficiencies and we would keep improving them consequently.

Modifying the privacy policy:

Our website (Kratomextractum) has all the rights to amend our privacy policy. We would intimate the date of amending the policies to our customers and new policy update would persist from then onwards.