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We are not bound to lend any medical services:

The data published in our website is only to provide assistance to the consumers and medical practitioners regarding the use of Kratom Extracts who looking for some guidance. The intention of our website is not giving medical services in any form. All the images and graphics in the website is subjected to provide nothing but information, we are not responsible for misinterpretations and for any course alteration based on our articles. The website is not designed as a substitute to the medical representatives or doctors, any medical suggestion by professionals, treatments, and diagnosis. In case of medical emergency, we request them to take immediate assistance from the professional doctors but do not switch to only the information provided by Kratom Extractum website. It would be your risk on depending entirely on our website’s information or the analysis given by our professionals and staff.

We take fair amount of care to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the website. We also tend to update the information whenever the necessity arises, but you must understand that it do not mean in any way that you must comprehend our information as a commandment. If you found no disclaimer in the product description, please do not think that taking of that particular medicine is entirely risk free.


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External Website Links:

Our website contains some external website links that are related to the Kratom and other medical products. We do not hold any liability over the authorization, legitimacy and accuracy of those claims. Our site does not validate them in any manner.

Miscellaneous terms:

The information submitted by the user (medical and financial) is subjected to the privacy policy of our website.

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